• 02 DEC 16

    Cold Laser Therapy

    Is it right for you?

    Cold Laser (aka Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), Soft Laser, Photobiomodulation

    Cold Laser Therapy is a medical procedure in which exposure to low level light or photon energy stimulates cellular metabolism and speeds the healing process of injured areas. Low Level Laser is used to treat a variety of painful and inflammatory conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, back and neck pain, sports injuries and rotator cuff syndrome among others. There are also positive clinical results using cold laser treatment for stubborn wound healing.

    If you have a condition that makes you an acceptable candidate for this therapy, you will be given protective goggles to wear during the treatment as accidental or reflected exposure may be dangerous to the eye. The laser will be applied to your
    area of injury by one of our doctors for a predetermined period of time. Since this is a cold laser, there will be no heating effect. The procedure is safe, effective and FDA approved. Side effects are rare and mild.

    Contact us to see if Cold Laser Therapy in our Rochester chiropractic office is right for your condition.


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