• Sweet Relief for UTI

    Sweet Relief for UTI

    Anyone who has suffered from a urinary tract infection (UTI) knows the discomfort it creates. Recent research indicates that acupuncture not only reduces…

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  • Acupuncture at the Zoo

    Acupuncture at the Zoo

    Picture the typical acupuncture patient and you might not envision a 2,000-pound spotted giraffe. Earlier this summer, a giraffe was one of the first…

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  • The Sticking Power of Acupuncture

    The Sticking Power of Acupuncture

    In previous posts, we’ve shared how acupuncturists are on hand at the Olympic Games and for all NFL teams given the needle’s power to relieve pain, strain, and soreness while speeding recovery time. Recent studies have uncovered a range of other acupuncture benefits derived from a practice that channels the body’s natural energy, removes blockages,

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  • Acupuncture and Athletes

    Acupuncture and Athletes

    You’ve heard of athletes going under the knife but have you heard of them going under the needle? When you’re wincing in pain or confined to the sidelines, can a hair-thin needle really help you find relief from strain, fatigue, or injury and jump back into the game…

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