• Chiropractic Care for Older Males

    Chiropractic Care for Older Males

    As we grow older, strain and pain may be more difficult to ignore or overcome. Bones may weaken and dizziness may strike. Even when we’re feeling well, preventative care is more important than ever. Luckily, chiropractic care remains one of the most effective means of pain relief, injury prevention, and overall health…

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  • Acupuncture and Athletes

    Acupuncture and Athletes

    You’ve heard of athletes going under the knife but have you heard of them going under the needle? When you’re wincing in pain or confined to the sidelines, can a hair-thin needle really help you find relief from strain, fatigue, or injury and jump back into the game…

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  • Sacroiliac Joint Pain

    Sacroiliac Joint Pain

    The sacroiliac joint is the part of your lower back made up of the sacrum (the bony structure above your tailbone and below your lower vertebrae) and the top part (iliac) of your pelvis. It is the part of the low back just behind your waist. You have right and left sacroiliac joints. Ligaments hold these bones in place…

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  • Neck Pain

    Neck Pain

    Neck pain affects about 10% of the American population at any given time. There are so many causes for neck pain ranging from acute injuries to postural causes that it is equally important to recognize the cause of the condition as it is to treat it properly…

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