• Fighting an Epidemic

    Fighting an Epidemic

    When medical experts began to refer to pain as the “5th vital sign,” the results led to a spike in painkiller prescriptions leading to an epidemic of…

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  • The Sticking Power of Acupuncture

    The Sticking Power of Acupuncture

    In previous posts, we’ve shared how acupuncturists are on hand at the Olympic Games and for all NFL teams given the needle’s power to relieve pain, strain, and soreness while speeding recovery time. Recent studies have uncovered a range of other acupuncture benefits derived from a practice that channels the body’s natural energy, removes blockages,

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  • Fill Your Heart

    Fill Your Heart

    Positive thinking grows stronger and swifter with practice, especially if you tend to fall into negativity. Taking time to fill one’s heart with…

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  • Spring Free of Stress

    Spring Free of Stress

    The mental anguish that underlies depression is often fueled by such stress and anxiety. Left unchecked, stress can create knots of negativity that…

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