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Our chiropractic and acupuncture office serves the residents of Rochester, New York and the surrounding areas. Our location in Gates is conveniently located just off I-390 with easy access and plentiful parking. Easy to get to from Greece, Spencerport, Chili and Henrietta.

Our Motto

``We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your healthcare goals as quickly and effectively as possible in a professional, caring environment.``

— Dr. John Crawford

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have a choice of Rochester Chiropractors and Acupuncturists and we appreciate your confidence and trust in us.

  • What is Chiropractic Care?

    Chiropractic is a health care profession with the purpose of diagnosing and
    treating disorders of the spine and musculoskeletal system with the intention
    of affecting the nervous system and improving health.

    Chiropractic is the third largest health care field in the United States after medicine and dentistry.

    Chiropractic traditionally uses a non-invasive, holistic approach to treatment without the use of drugs or surgery.

    Numerous studies support the scientific validity, safety, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness of chiropractic for conditions like low-back pain and find that chiropractic care has higher patient satisfaction levels than conventional alternatives.

  • Can Chiropractic Care Help Me?

    In our office we conduct a thorough history and examination to determine if your condition is likely to respond well to chiropractic care. If so, we will develop an individualized treatment plan for you. If at any time we feel you are not improving or are not a candidate for chiropractic care, we will discuss your options and make the appropriate recommendations or referral.

    Many conditions respond extremely well to chiropractic treatment. Some of the conditions we treat frequently include:

    * Back Pain (Lumbar, Thoracic)
    * Disc Injuries (Herniation, Bulge, “Slipped Disc”)
    * Neck Pain (Cervical Sprains, Whiplash)
    * Carpal Tunnel Syndrone
    * Repetitive Strain Injuries
    * Sciatica (Leg Pain)
    * Headaches
    * Muscle Spasms
    * Pregnancy Related Back Pain
    * Sacroiliac Dysfunction (Pelvis and Hip Pain)
    * Foot/Ankle/Hand/Wrist Pain
    * Piriformis and ITB Syndromes
    * And many, many others

    Remember that everyone responds differently and your progress depends on many individual factors. Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about your specific condition.

  • What Should I Expect My First Visit?

    Your first visit to our office will begin with a small amount of paperwork to fill out. Then there will be a consultation with one of the doctors to obtain your health and injury history. We will ask you questions as to the cause and nature of your condition and other questions related to your health and symptoms.

    Next, there will be a thorough examination including neurologic, orthopedic and chiropractic specific testing to determine the cause of your problem. If further testing is required, such as x-rays, they will be ordered at that time.

    For acupuncture patients, the procedure will include various Eastern medicine evaluative and diagnostic techniques.

    If you have a condition we feel we can help, we will tell you what treatment we suggest, how long it should take and what the rate of recovery should be. If we are in agreement, we can begin treatment at that time.

    If you do not have a condition we feel will benefit from chiropractic or acupuncture care, we will make the appropriate referral or suggest other options.

  • Why It Matters to Be an Evidence Based Practice

    Being evidence based means that the decisions we make in how to best treat our patients are based on:

    (1) Using the best available evidence, research and studies

    (2) Taking into consideration our patient’s circumstances and preferences

    (3) Using our best experience related knowledge

    We strive to improve the quality of clinical judgments, provide superior clincial care and facilitate cost-effective treatments. We are always open to new ideas and treatment methods as long as they are shown to be effective and safe. We keep what works and discard what doesn’t.

  • What Does it Mean To Be NCQA Recognized?

    The National Committee for Quality Assurance is a private, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving health care quality. Since its founding in 1990, NCQA has been a central figure in driving improvement throughout the health care system, helping to elevate the issue of health care quality to the top of the national agenda.

    Treatment for uncomplicated low back pain varies widely. While most physicians follow the recommended approach of pain management and gradual return to physical activity, some prematurely prescribe costly imaging, epidural steroid injections or refer their patients to surgery.

    NCQA’s Back Pain Recognition Program (BPRP) seeks to recognize medical physicians and chiropractors who deliver superior care to millions of Americans who suffer from low back pain. These requirements address the broad spectrum of low back pain and focus on underuse, misuse and overuse of treatment modalities.

    NCQA developed BPRP requirements from widely accepted medical evidence, with significant input from physician specialists and health plan and employer representatives.

    Dr. Brett Kinsler and Dr. Michalene Elliott were among the first doctors to be recognized by NCQA in New York State for excellence in treating back pain.


What Makes Us Unique?

Our Core Principles:

Why our chiropractic office is the best in Rochester, NY.


We are here for you when you need us…
We do not hide behind our answering machine. If you need to ask a question or speak to us, we are easy to reach. Our cell phone numbers are available to our patients.


We will see you quickly…
We use open access scheduling which usually allows us to see you the same day or at most within 24 hours of when you call.


We won’t waste your time…
You will generally be seen within 10 minutes of your scheduled appointment time. Our office is efficient and we have minimized the use of needless forms and complicated billing procedures.


We won’t waste your money…
We keep our office fees reasonable so even people without insurance can afford care. We will not recommend unnecessary care or products. We do not use lengthy care plans or pre-paid programs.


We give you excellent information to help you make decisions…
Our doctors are highly educated and have an evidence based practice – that means our treatments and recommendations are based on the best available research and studies.


We will work with you to reach your healthcare goals…
Whether you need a speedy recovery from an acute injury or wish to have periodic preventative treatment we will work within your goals.


When you become a patient of Dr. Crawford, we are sure you’ll agree that we are uniquely better!