• 02 OCT 18
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    The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Your Back Pain

    Free E-book on Reducing Back Pain


    Hello–it’s Dr. Crawford here. I am so excited to announce that I have recently finished a two year project. This project was develop a FREE e-book that would give my patients an effective and powerful system to reduce their pain. It’s finally here!

    Click here to get it now–> https://mailchi.mp/68a3115e64f2/reduce_your_back_pain_nhc 


    Effective Strategies


    After years of treating with both chiropactic and acupuncture I have found proven and effective results. I kept seeing patients have chronic issues with their back. Even after I would fix them and reduce their pain, it wasn’t enough.

    It would upset me to find out that they in fact had hurt themselves again. I knew there was a better way to help. I knew my patients had to take some responsibility with their health but I wanted to know how to best guide them with this journey.


    Practical Applications


    This e-Book is a powerful tool that gives practical applications to age old tested practices. It’s got a combination of yoga, meditation, stretching and breathing exercises. When coupled with acupuncture and chiropractic therapies, there is no doubt in my mind you will get relief from your back pain with these practices.


    Fast Results


    Nobody wants you getting better quickly than I do. This will be the nail in the coffin for your pain. It will also prevent future problems as well! You will need to apply these strategies, but if you do I know you will get the fast results you deserve.


    Please feel free to take the time and if you have any issues please e-mail me directly at john@rochesterchiro.com. Thank you and have a wonderful and healthy day!

    Dr. Crawford is proud to introduce his eBook.

    Click here to get your copy! https://mailchi.mp/68a3115e64f2/reduce_your_back_pain_nhc

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