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    Movement is Life.

    As a chiropractor and acupuncturist, a big part of my job is educating my patients on the basics and principles of each system. Many have heard of these healing modalities but often they are often not fully understood. Although these forms of healthcare are seemingly very different on the surface, at a basic level they both want the same thing: movement.

    Chiropractic and Acupuncture Moves what?


    In chiropractic we want external physical movements of the bones, muscles and joints. In acupuncture we want internal energetic movement of blood and oxygen; or as the Chinese call it, qi. Chiropractic uses adjustments and mobilizations to encourage proper facilitation of joints. Acupuncture uses stainless steel fine metal filaments to encourage blood flow and nourishment to the region. The acupuncture needles are a way to tell the body, ‘hey, we need blood and energy to go to this region.’

    Either way though, the end goals of both treatments are the same; we want movement. One is internal and the other is external. When you get both the internal and the external flowing properly you will have:

    • reduced pain
    • increased oxygen
    • appropriate blood flow
    • increased energy
    • vitality that exudes physical and emotional wellness.


    This is why the Deluxe Treatment (both chiropractic and acupuncture) at the office is a fantastic way to maintain both your physical and mental health.


    The fountain of youth.


    One interesting thing I’ve found over the years of treating is that there are very few who can have their entire spine adjusted all their lives. Most people get too stiff as they age. The ones who I can adjust well into their 90’s  have had one thing in common; movement. They walked religiously two times a day. This is one of the main reasons why I encourage exercise. I myself do a daily qi gong exercise (think of like a moving yoga) routine. For the last six years I’ve been doing at least twenty minutes of medicinal and meditative movement-based exercises every single day. Not only does this make me strong as a kung fu practitioner, but it also allows me to be powerful and sensitive in my delivery of treatments to my patients.

    Movement is life and it’s certainly the fountain of youth. At the end of the day it’s all about walking the walk…literally. Get out, move and make sure you’re doing it consistently. In addition, use the experts to get treated when things go out of whack and aren’t moving as well. As a chiropractor and licensed acupuncturist I can tell when my patient’s need both internal and energetic movement and haven’t been doing it enough. Try not to wait until things get terribly stuck because ultimately, it impacts both the physical and the emotional when things get jammed up.


    New Office Hours and Services available.


    We will be offering more services to help you move. In addition to the usual Monday, Wednesday and Friday hours, Thursday evenings will be available from 5-7pm. This will begin August 30th. During this time I will be offering qi gong/kung fu classes to those interested for only a $15 drop in. In addition to getting the benefit of moving your body, those present will receive a specialized wellness discount which will be even more fruitful. Stay tuned and keep moving, friends!

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