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    Time to Take a Stand

    Time to Take a Stand

    If you’re reading this at your desk – or on your smartphone – chances are good you’re slumping your shoulders or hunching your neck. And if you’ve been in the same position all day, it’s a safe bet that fatigue and exertion is overtaking you, even if you haven’t moved.

    Nowadays, some health experts warn that “sitting is the new smoking” because inactivity now kills more people than does lighting up. Although today’s work culture views someone glued to the desk as productive and praiseworthy, remaining sedentary all day can have dangerous consequences for your spine, your eyes, and even your mind. In fact, Forbes calls excessive sitting “the most under-rated health threat of modern time.”

    Slumping while sitting can interfere with alignment in your bones and joints, place stress on ligaments, and expend energy on muscles already under strain. It can lead to aches and physical fatigue, not to mention mental duress. Dealing with stressful e-mails, high-pressure deadlines, and demanding bosses will trigger a stress response that’s as taxing as a run – because the body can react as if it’s being chased. Plus, hanging around co-workers who constantly complain of stress and fatigue can drag you down to their level, as moods can be contagious. This can erode our immunity, leading to sickness, anxiety, and/or depression.

    Here are some strategies to counteract all that sitting, boosting your mental and physical health in the process.

    Do a body scan. If you are hunched over with your shoulders rolled forward, take a minute to open the chest, lift your head, and draw back your shoulders to accentuate the curve of your back. This simple act will lower the cortisol tied to stress and release just enough testosterone—yes, even in women—to boost your confidence.

    Improve your posture! Uncross your legs, bend your knees as a right angle, and keep your feet grounded on the floor.

    Take scheduled breaks every thirty minutes. Stand up, do a few backbends, rest your eyes, or take a quick walk—for example, to the water cooler. Which leads into our second tip…

    Drink plenty of water. At the least, it will force you to stand up for a bathroom break.

    Get more sleep. It will give you the energy to tackle your to-do’s and still take breaks.

    Invest in an exercise tracker or a similar health app so you can keep tabs on your activity and sleep, making sure you’re getting enough.

    See your chiropractor! We can help restore alignment, relieve pain and strain, and strengthen the foundation you need to maintain good sitting habits and stand your tallest—so you’re ready to take on the world, not just your inbox. Contact Natural Health Chiropractic & Acupuncture to feel better physically and mentally. We are here to protect not just your spine, but your overall health.

    Contact us today to take the first step in safeguarding your health to enjoy these years of family and friends.

    Natural Health Chiropractic & Acupuncture serves the residents of Rochester, New York and the surrounding areas. Our location in Gates is conveniently located just off I-390 with easy access and plentiful parking. Easy to get to from Greece, Spencerport, Chili, and Henrietta.

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