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    Acupuncture at the Zoo

    Acupuncture at the Zoo

    Picture the typical acupuncture patient and you might not envision a 2,000-pound spotted giraffe – fur bristling, tail flicking, chomping on heads of lettuce as needles slip under her fur. Earlier this summer, a giraffe named Sukari at the Roger Williams Zoo in Providence, RI was one of the first non-human patients to receive a treatment from licensed acupuncturists. Utilizing the same principle needles based at the body’s standard points, the goal was to ease the pain of her arthritis and allow her to spring back into action.

    Having reached the age of 24—an elder by giraffe standards—Sukari desperately needed relief prompting her keepers to try various treatments and procedures before turning to acupuncture. By reducing inflammation and promoting blood flow, the treatment has kept her arthritis at bay. Healed and energized rather than sedated or lethargic, Sukari has rejoined her herd and the Roger Williams Zoo has blazed new trails in bringing acupuncture to the animal world.

    But you don’t have to stick your neck out too far to enjoy the benefits that acupuncture provides—benefits that have the ability to unleash your endorphins (nature’s painkillers), relax constricted vessels, and remove internal blockage to restore blood flow and relieve pain without the adverse effects of medication. With treatment, muscles that are sore and tense can relax and recover, building the strength to perform even better than before. Stress and anxiety over discomfort and injury melt away as acupuncture helps re-align body and mind. The body’s natural ability to produce cortisol, which counters inflammation, also receives a boost from acupuncture needles.

    Especially in a Rochester summer that unfolds in the blink of an eye, acupuncture can summon immediate relief while reducing recovery time so you don’t have to miss precious sunny days holed up with a heating pad or ice pack or trapped in a groggy state from painkillers. Enjoy true, sustained R&R this summer with an acupuncture session with our licensed providers.

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