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    The Sticking Power of Acupuncture

    The Sticking Power of Acupuncture

    In previous posts, we’ve shared how acupuncturists are on hand at the Olympic Games and for all NFL teams given the needle’s power to relieve pain, strain, and soreness while speeding recovery time. Recent studies have uncovered a range of other acupuncture benefits derived from a practice that channels the body’s natural energy, removes blockages, and restores the flow that powers strength. Here are some new reasons to go “under the needle”:

    Sleep. Do you often toss and turn in bed or wake abruptly in the middle of the night? You may be among the 60 million Americans who suffer from insomnia. Anyone wrecked from a lack of sleep can testify to the irritability, depression, lack of focus, and weight gain that ensues along with the long-term risks of diabetes, obesity, and traffic accidents. Traditional Chinese medicine, from which acupuncture evolved, takes the approach of balancing the yin (sleep) and yang (wakefulness) of the patient to regulate sleep cycles making the practice a safe alternative to conventional sleeping pills.

    Skin. Can acupuncture help restore a youthful glow or clear a complexion of acne? While it’s not wise to insert a needle directly into a pimple or cyst, acupuncture can stimulate the skin to produce the collagen that plumps it. It can also delve deeper to regulate hormones that nourish the skin to address the root causes of acne. From a cosmetic perspective, acupuncture evens out skin tone, reduces redness, fights inflammation, and even improves fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and puffiness.

    Indigestion. Do you often have an upset stomach even after the best meals? Acupuncture can soothe the irritated gut lining and relax the stomach muscles that constrict during digestion. Acupuncture can be especially effective in easing heartburn and other tummy trouble in pregnant women. And as we’ve seen, it can alleviate the stress and anxiety that often underlies indigestion.

    Recovery from surgery. It’s never a picnic but recovery pain can be alleviated when needles stimulate points to release a flow of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. The relief that ensues is both immediate and sustained. Acupuncture needles also trigger an increase in nitric oxide that relaxes constricted blood vessels, opening the arteries to increased blood flow. In boosting circulation and cardiovascular health, acupuncture promotes recovery of both spirit and strength. Because acupuncture encourages the production of cortisol, it fights inflammation to protect the body and hasten the healing process.

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