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    Why Your Insurance May Reward You For Hitting the Gym

    Why Your Insurance May Reward You For Hitting the Gym

    Insurance companies know that a sound body is a sound investment.

    Losing weight and exercising more ranked among the top three resolutions for 2017. If you’re still holding fast to your resolve, we have good news that may surprise you: many health insurance providers in New York will offer money back on your health club dues or membership.

    This little-known perk that CBS News calls a “hidden health insurance benefit” actually makes perfect sense. Gym memberships help people become healthier, stronger, and in better physical shape. But consider that healthcare costs related to inactivity total $76.6 billion each year—and that 86 percent of Americans could be overweight or obese by 2030, if current trends continue.

    Reimbursements for gyms serve to promote health, spread a culture of fitness, and stanch the rapidly swelling cost of treating chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease, both linked to obesity and sedentary lifestyle. Covering gym memberships helps incentivize people to stay active and helps insurance carriers save money over time. This win-win scenario illustrates preventative medicine at its best – just in the guise of step aerobics and saunas, rather than clinics and co-pays.

    More good news: a tax bill winging its way through Congress, the aptly-named PHIT Act (Personal Health Investment Today), would allow the insured to apply pre-tax health savings accounts (HSAs) toward gym memberships, sports leagues, and fitness equipment-the same way they do for prescription medication, eyeglasses, and doctor visits. You can voice your support for PHIT by contacting your Congressman.

    Here’s what you need to know about fitness reimbursements:

    Amount of reimbursement varies, but discounts may total up to 30 percent.

    Insurers may require a minimum number of visits over a certain time to qualify; most average out to twice a week, which isn’t too taxing (no pun intended).

    Contact your carrier or benefits department for the specifics of coverage.

    In between sessions at the gym, our chiropractic and acupuncture office will support you in achieving your healthcare goals, so you can move without pain and regain (or maintain) optimal function.

    Natural Health Chiropractic & Acupuncture serves the residents of Rochester, New York and the surrounding areas. Our location in Gates is conveniently located just off I-390 with easy access and plentiful parking. Easy to get to from Greece, Spencerport, Chili, and Henrietta.

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