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    New Year Wellness Tips

    New Year Wellness Tips

    To truly fulfill that “new year, new you” mantra, it’s time to take charge of your health – but not necessarily through dieting. The word “diet” evokes restriction and deprivation, which generally don’t have the sticking power to see you through 2017. You may form new habits, but you’ll likely break them before long — and, like most people, throw in the towel before you’ve even brought it to the gym.

    Instead, it’s time to create goals based on how you want to feel – not based on the number of pounds you want to lose or friends you want to gain. Do you want to feel more energetic, healthy, fit, and confident? Less bloated, sluggish, and weak? Grounding resolve in our feelings clarifies our decisions, our goals, and our actions. It makes the journey less perspiring, more inspiring. Besides, eating and moving — the two engines of wellness and weight loss — should be fun! Here are a few wellness tips to help achieve your best self in 2017:

    Drink water, eat fiber. Both water and fiber-rich foods can battle bloat and better sync your gut and your brain so you stop eating when you’ve had your fill. Try crunching on zucchini and cucumber (not chips), popping frozen grapes as a late-night snack, and warming up with peppermint tea instead of soda.

    Beware the “health halo.” That’s the blinding light surrounding certain foods that beguile us into eating badly when we think we’re making a healthy choice.  For example: granola bars, protein shakes, veggie chips, fruit juice, and frozen yogurt. There’s nothing wrong with having these in moderation – just watch your portion size; otherwise sugar levels can approach that of a king-size candy bar.

    Keep it real. Consoled with fat-free or sugar-free versions of your favorite food? The health halo strikes again. When food makers take out fat, they replace the lost flavor with sugar and salt.  When they take out sugar, they replace the lost flavor with fat. All experts say to eat the regular version of anything, from cheddar to chocolate, in moderation. You’ll be far more satisfied.

    Savor and socialize. No need to shy away from dinner with family or friends! When you enjoy every bite and every conversational bit, you will feel fuller much faster. (Maybe that’s why Dr. Oz suggests we try eating with our non-dominant hand; like chopsticks, it slows us down.)

    Don’t skip meals! It messes with your metabolism and sets you up for more overeating. If you over-indulged at lunch or dinner, it’s okay. Make the next meal “green and clean”: that means lean protein, fish, vegetables, fruits to keep your energy up and your willpower strong.

    Get enough sleep. Besides suppressing hormones that fuel hunger, eight hours of shut-eye means less incentive to nosh late at night, sharper focus in the morning, and more time to squeeze in a daytime workout.

    Stay active every day. If you’re not a gym person, that’s fine. Staying active by window-shopping, taking the stairs, dancing, or even sorting laundry can keep your metabolism stoked instead of stalled.

    Keep checking back to Natural Health Chiropractic & Acupuncture for more wellness tips!

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