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    Lower Back Pain

    Lower Back Pain

    Incidence and Causes


    Ouch! If you’re experiencing lower back pain you are certainly not alone. Over 80% of North Americans will suffer lower back pain at some point in their lives. This makes lower back pain the number one disability in workers’ compensation claims and accounts for more than $50 billion annually in the US through medical care and lost production. The latest research shows most lower back problems which cause low back pain do not fully resolve without treatment and proper rehabilitation — this is not what the healthcare profession used to think. At one time, your doctor might have told you to get lots of bed rest and the problem will go away on its own. We now know this was terrible advice!

    What is actually the problem when a person has back pain? This varies a great deal. And don’t believe your co-worker who says his brother had the “exact same thing.” He probably had back pain, but it is unlikely it was the exact same condition as yours. In fact, back pain comes in so many varieties and stems from so many different reasons. It’s a good thing that much of the training in chiropractic colleges is focused on identifying and successfully treating lower back and other spinal conditions. This makes chiropractors uniquely positioned to be the spine care experts in the healthcare arena. Your chiropractor should be the doctor to guide you through any types of back pain.

    Many issues can cause low back pain but we have found a number of factors frequently present in patients with low back pain:

    *Joint dysfunction
    *Improper spinal biomechanics
    *Deconditioned spinal muscles
    *Poor postural habits
    *Ergonomic issues

    Lower back pain can result from many different activities but some of the common events contributing to the development of lower back pain include:

    *Incomplete treatment and rehabilitation of past injuries
    *Lack of proper spine care
    *Improper lifting techniques
    *Auto accidents
    *Improper workstation setup or ergonomics
    *Poor posture
    *Prolonged sitting
    *Excessive repetitive motions
    *Trauma, falls
    *Vibratory forces (truck drivers, jack hammer)
    *Scoliosis (lateral deviation of the spine)
    *Fallen foot arches and other foot abnormalities
    *Physical inactivity
    *Poor diet and nutritional practices

    Structures which are often the source of lower back pain include:

    *Lumbar intervertebral discs
    *Lumbar facet joints and joint capsules
    *Lumbar and pelvic muscles and ligaments
    *Lumbar and sacral spinal nerves
    *Sacroiliac joints

    By addressing these factors and using a multi-faceted approach, chiropractic doctors are often able to obtain excellent results with low back pain patients. Contact us to see what the causes are of your lower back pain and let us help you get relief.

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